J.D. Crutch's First Album (Guinaifen Manglo) - Guam, USA

1.    Guinaifen Mangle

2.    Laget-hu I Asagua-hu

3.    I Presuneru

4.    Ayuda Un Keyao Taotao

5.    Estorian Guinaiya-ku

6.    Maseha Haf Taimanu

7.    I Asagua-hu Na Palaoan

8.    Ti Para Asagua-mu

9.    Madandan I Kampana

10.  Ti'u Ta'lo Dumingu

J.D. Crutch

JD Crutch (Guam) - Guinaifen Manglo Track 2 Laget-Hu I Asagua-Hu - Streaming Chamoru Music

Chamorro Music - Guam

Napu Records (Guam, USA) is proud to bring you the very first album released by one of Guam's most popular Chamorro recording stars - JD Crutch!

Guinaifen Manglo has been and still is the biggest selling albums for Crutch and we believe, is probably the finest set of recordings ever done by this unique Chamorro singer/songwriter/recording artist. 

Now for the first time on CD - listen again and enjoy the special treatment that J.D. Crutch gives to the world of Chamorro music!

Napu Records

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