JD Crutch - Last Session Part II - Guam, USA


1.    Pula' I Kadena Gi Korason-hu

2.    Pudi Hoben Nobia-hu

3.    Tumekkon Hao

4.    Midnight Special

5.    Man Dakdak Yo' Gi Petta-mu

J.D. Crutch

JD Crutch - Last Sessions Part II  (J.D. Crutch Special Edition) - Track 10 Tomorrow is Forever - Streaming Chamoru Music

Chamorro Music - Guam


6.    Better Run For The Border

7.    Un Na' Puti Neni Korason-hu

8.    Jesu Kristo

9.    Adios Esta I Langet

10.  Tomorrow Is Forever


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Tribute To A Great Chamorro Entertainer - J.D. Crutch

It is with both pride and sorrow that I write this tribute to our late friend, Joseph Duenas - known best to everyone as - J.D. Crutch.

With pride, because like everyone the man was so much blessed with the gift of a real fine unique singing voice and indeed his own style of playing and singing with his guitar.

With pride that he honored me with confidence and faith in my own talents and abilities to handle his many sessions and recordings along with our mutual friend Dante Trinidad.

We spent many hours of fun times singing together professionally as well as in the "karaoke" bars.  It was always an added treat to everyone when he pitched in at Jimmy Dee's Chamorro Fiesta.

With great sorrow then that we all have lost a truly great Chamorro talent, but then you might just be luck enough when you close your eyes, open your ears and hear his unique voice among the Great Chorus in the realm beyond.

He did leave us though with an outstanding collection of some of the finest Chamorro music/songs ever written and recorded.

The last sessions are apparently some of J.D. Crutch's favorites that he always wanted to record both in English and Chamorro as he himself had told us, including a very special song that he personally dedicated to his wife Debra.

I hope that his memory will always live in your hearts as much as his beautiful music and songs that he has given to all of us.

                                                                                                                                                         Jimmy Dee

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