Jimmy Dee - Chada Fresko - Chorisos PakPak Yan E-Pan (Guam, USA)


1.    That's Chamorro

2.    E Pan-Mu #1

3.    Long Tall Chamorro

4.    Finadeni

5.    Tribute To Tamuning (Hu Onra Hamyo Todu)

6.    Oba Skoba Sinexy Hao

7.    Pok Pok Gi Sanmena

Jimmy Dee

Jimmy Dee - Chada Fresko - Chorisos Pakpak Yan E-Pan - Track 5 Hu Onra Hamyo Todu - Streaming Chamoru Music

Chamorro Music - Guam


8.    Si Dolly Parton

9.    Does Your Chewing Guam

10.  Mafatinas Pa'u Mugando    

11.  I Was Chamorro When Chamorro Wasn't Cool

12.  Saipan (Beautiful Island)

13.  Chamorro - Your Only A Hafa Adai!

Napu Records International - ProSound Studios - Guam, USA


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To All My Fans Everywhere.  Thanks for the nice words like... "You put so much love and feelings into your songs that one can't help but share the same emotions that you sing."  And... "Your songs make me either dance or cry."

Well fans, here's an album that I actually wrote to especially make you smile and tickle your funny bone.

I really had a great time recording the songs and I hope you all will enjoy them and truly have some real good laughs!

Do keep the nice words coming and many thanks for all the great hits you've given me.  Now, put the album on, start smiling and enjoy a good laugh!

Si Yu'us Ma'ase

Jimmy Dee

Jimmy Dee Productions, January 2010, All Rights Reserved