The Power of Mind! The Law of Thought!

"The science of mind is the science of life, for in mind all manifestation finds its common origin." ... Venice Bloodworth


"The thoughts that we think and dwell upon, the thoughts that we radiate will attract and bring to us the material equivalent of those thoughts.."  ...  Jimmy Dee (Guam, USA)

Thinking is truly the essence and business of life.  Thinking creates our circumstances, our conditions, our situations, and our experiences in life.  It is our thinking that creates our life! 

Now, before I go further, I must first recognize the ultimate source of all, our thoughts and all of creation, for all this will not be complete without proper credit and acknowledgment!   It is indeed through Infinite Intelligence, Universal Mind, The Almighty, Master Mind of Master Minds, Inner Power, The Kingdom Within, or how you may want to call it, that we live and have our being!   I choose to call it, Lord and my God! 

With that said, it is through this Inner Power, that I call God that gives us this wonderful gift to create our own personal world and our personal reality!   He gave us all the utmost wonderful, beautiful gift through this power of mind and the law of thought! 

For this writing, please allow me now to use "The Power of Mind, through the Law of Thought" to manifest and bring into our lives all that we could ever desire, believe, expect and accept ---- all as we choose and define in our own unique ways. 

There has been hundreds if not thousands of books written on this subject matter! I have read dozens and dozens of the best and spent years, searching for my own truths and answers.  One thing I find, is that generally speaking, all the writers and authors say the same thing in slightly different ways, and generally agree on the basis and basics of the same fundamental truths, universal laws, principles and concepts!

My approach is more to give you this knowledge and awareness in a more simple way, and hopefully a bit more brief and concise manner that you may truly understand and more importantly to apply and use it to truly have whatever it is in life you truly desire! 

My purpose and design in writing this is to enrich and empower people!   Through knowing and application of this law and power, people may find that once they develop the "right" mind-set and "proper" mental attitudes, and release any limiting beliefs that they may have that do not sustain them, anyone may then can truly "ask and it is given" and attract into their lives whatever they choose and desire! 

Anyone needing or wanting more on this important matter, could of course read some of the many powerful books that have so much more information and details than what we can offer here! 

We live in the same world but we are all as close or as far apart as our thought processes.   It is as we think that we become and as we create and see our own world.   We truly create our own reality as we think. And our world, our conditions and circumstances reflect back to us the sum total of our thoughts. 

The thoughts that we think and dwell upon, the thoughts that we radiate will attract and bring to us the material equivalent of those thoughts. 

This law is exact, precise and mathematical. This law is called the law of attraction, the law of compensation, the law of radiating and attracting, the law of giving and receiving, or the law of sowing and reaping, or the law of cause and effect. 

As we think, so shall we be!  As a man thinketh in his heart (mind), so is he!

We have all heard such wonderful phrases as "You become what you think about the most", "You become your most dominant thoughts", "You are what you think, and what you think, you are", and many more such sayings along the way. 

One of my favorites is the one from Napoleon Hill, the author of "Think and Grow Rich". "Whatever the mind of man can conceive and believe, it can achieve"!!! 

It is such an empowering thought to know that we can change our conditions, circumstances, and experiences, change our lives by merely changing our thoughts, changing our thinking and changing our minds! 

Spiritually, we hear from the Apostle Paul in Roman 12-2 that says "be thou renewed / be ye transformed by the renewal of your mind".

William James, considered to be the father of modern psychology, said that " the greatest discovery of my generation is the discovery that man can alter his circumstances by altering his attitudes of mind". 

We attract into our lives only that which we think and we can always make a new start and attract new conditions, and circumstances into our lives by changing our attitudes or by renewal of our minds.  Such a wonderful, empowering thought indeed! 

Mind or thought is the maker, the essence and the true business of life.   And our results will always be in exact accord and in exact precision with the kind and quality of what we think and what we radiate, and what we believe. 

The law is that we attract what we think.  Like attracts like.  Whatever is held in mind for any length of time, or dwelled upon must come into expression or manifestation and come into our lives, no matter what it is ---- health, wealth, joy, a business, a home, a car, success as we choose and define it, or anything else!  Make a mental picture of it, image it, imagine and visualize it, desire it, believe in it, expect it and accept it as done and yours, see the end results of your having it already and you will have and see it in your life! 

This is the law, it has always been the law and it will always be the law!  Know that you will always attract what you think!  Always be mindful and conscious of your thinking.  Always focus and concentrate on what you want and never give thoughts or think about what you do not want. For surely you will get either!  

Think positive thoughts and you will get positive results.  Think negative thoughts and you will get negative results. If you are thinking of what you want, this is what you will get.  If you are thinking of what you do not want, that is also what you will surely get.  It is the thoughts then that you are thinking that you will get, whether it is what you want or what you don't want, or the lack of that which you don't want. 

It is therefore wise to guard your thoughts and be vigilant with what you are thinking, for whatever it is, is what you will get.  Watch your thoughts and "cancel" and release and get rid of and let go of those that are negative and those that you do not want.  Replace them immediately with thoughts that you do want. 

Yes, our environments, conditions, circumstances do have an effect or influence on us, but only to the extend that we allow them.  

Other peoples' thinking, beliefs, the movies, and shows that we watch and things around us that we absorb all have degrees of effects upon us, but again only as we accept and allow them.  

It is not what happens to us that is important. It is how we respond or react, and therefore how we think about what happens to us, that is important! 

It all comes down to our thinking and our thoughts.  So again, be careful and be watchful with your thinking and do think about what you truly desire as you choose and define it for yourselves, for that is truly what you will get and what you will have in your life! 

So know that we are truly in control and in charge with our thoughts, and that whatever state or conditions or situations, or circumstances we find ourselves in, we always have the power of mind and the law of thoughts to make any changes that we desire or truly want for ourselves!

We hope that this will truly help you, and that you do indeed become more, do more, and have more, in all that you choose and however you personally define it! 

Give thanks to the ONE who makes it all possible and be grateful for this wonderful gift!

If you find this to be of help to you, please pass it on and pass it forward!


Thank you and God Bless!

Jimmy Dee

Jimmy Dee Productions, January 2010, All Rights Reserved