The Secret!

Ready For It?

Gems of Wisdom
(For all my friends who ask)

My Friends:

"The Secret is the answer to all that has been, all that is, and all that will ever be".    Ralph Waldo Emerson

Be it unfolding, enriching, empowering, exciting, delicious, interesting, and funny, amusing, amazing, enlightening, awakening, or anyway you "see" it, ---- enjoy it! Here are the some of the finest "pieces" to the "Secret"!

Smile, laugh, be happy and have fun with it. (Important clues, here!)

For the wise, the application of this knowledge and information may be all that you need to have the life you've always wanted, the "secret" that you have been looking for.

Don't take it too lightly though. Brace yourself!  Take caution. This is powerful stuff!  It will change your life for the better, or best!


Jimmy Dee


It has been said, that in the beginning, the gods had a meeting and decided to give man the very same creative power that they themselves possess. The gods pondered where should they hide this priceless gift? One suggested that they should hide it in the last place that man would attempt to look for it. "Let's hide it where man will never think to look for it: within his own mind."  And so the story of the Supreme Secret was born!

Now down throughout the ages, the "Secret" keeps folding and unfolding, and again it has come to great prominence in today's often complex and complicated world of logic and "reality"!

So if you are ready for it, just prepare to really keep an open mind. Literally!!!
Behold, that you may find that it may not really be such a "secret" after-all, just that you have never thought of it that way!

Let the greatest of the greats tell you first! Their words of wisdom or gems as I call them may truly enlighten your way!

I hope that after reading these "Gems of Wisdom", you may do something to apply them to your own lives as you choose and as you define them in your own terms!

A word to the wise is sufficient!
Jimmy Dee

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